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 This directory contains code submissions to the GRASS Development Team.
 Feel free to pick it up, and, if needed, adapt it for a seamless integration
-into the latest GRASS 5 version (if the code is of general interest).
+into the latest GRASS version (if the code is of general interest).
 Submissions to this directory:
 - please store into
@@ -12,20 +12,19 @@
       cd incoming/
 - notify: neteler at itc.it
-For integration into the main GRASS 5 system, please contact the
+For integration into the main GRASS system, please contact the
 GRASS Development Team:
-<a href=http://grass.itc.it/grassdevel.html#list>http://grass.itc.it/grassdevel.html</a>
+<a href=http://grass.itc.it/devel/index.php#list>http://grass.itc.it/devel/index.php</a>
 Please host more special programs on <i>your</i> machine, and send the URL to
 weblist at grass.itc.it. We will list your software here:
-<a href=http://grass.itc.it/grass_addons.html>http://grass.itc.it/grass_addons.html</a>
+<a href=http://grass.itc.it/download/addons.php>http://grass.itc.it/download/addons.php</a>
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