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Yngve Zakarias Y at zakart.com
Fri Jul 22 07:42:46 EDT 2005

I  am looking for a solution for TIN with contours. I have one  
grayscale map 22400 x 17600 pixels, with 100 1% increments between  
black and white. This elevation data correspond with a texture image  
to form a virtual 3D landscape to be used in a highresolution video.  
It looks like a geo-map but is actually derived from a macro-image of  
organic structures.

I have learned GRASS do not support creating a TIN like this. Do  
anyone know how to go about this task? This is a project that I am  
currently developing for the art museum and the science museum in  
Trondheim, Norway.

Yngve Zakarias
Y at zakart.com
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