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    <DEFANGED_meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
    <DEFANGED_meta name="Author" content="GRASS Development Team">
-   <title>GRASS GIS 6.1.0 released xxx</title>
+   <title>GRASS GIS 6.1.0 released [DAY] [MONTH] 2006</title>
    <DEFANGED_link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../sitestyle.css">
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-<h2>GRASS GIS 6.1.0 released xxx 2005</h2>
+<h2>GRASS GIS 6.1.0 released [DAY] [MONTH] 2006</h2>
 A feature release of <a href="http://grass.itc.it">GRASS GIS</a>
 has been published today.
 <p>The Geographic Resources Analysis Support System, commonly referred to as
 GRASS GIS, is a Geographical Information System (GIS) used for data
@@ -71,22 +70,28 @@
 (see ChangeLog for details)
 <li>Source code quality/libraries:
   <li> GRASS is now ANSI C compliant
-  <li> Ported to MS-Windows native
+  <li> Ported <a href="http://mpa.itc.it/radim/wingrass/">natively to MS-Windows</a> (mingW)
   <li> Include header files fixed
   <li> Compilation: gcc4 compatibility
   <li> Programmer's Manual: continued doxygen integration and automated extraction into
        PDF/HTML formats
   <li> GRASS-SWIG prototype interface added (PERL)
   <li> DBMI: sqlite driver added; sql parser extended (support of expressions etc)
-  <li> DBMI: mysql driver rewritten
+  <li> DBMI: mysql driver rewritten; mesql added
   <li> Support of long map/mapset names
   <li> raster maps: ZLIB compression bug for tiny maps fixed
   <li> raster maps: optionally large file support (LFS, experimental) for maps &gt; 2GB
-  <li> winGRASS: fixes for native MS-Windows compilation with mingW
+  <li> New internal GRASS test suite (scripts collection in testsuite/)
+  <li> New external <a href="http://www-pool.math.tu-berlin.de/~soeren/grass/GRASS_TestSuite/html/Summary.html">GRASS test suite</a> (TU Berlin)
+  <li> New external <a href="http://grass.itc.it/mailman/listinfo/grass-qa">GRASS Quality Assessment and monitoring system</a> (&Eacute;cole Polytechnique de Montr&eacute;al, ITC-irst)
+<li>  Graphical User Interface (GUI):
+ <li> major improvements in the Tcl/TK based GUI
+ <li> gis.m: new GIS manager added
 <li> Modules/Scripts:
@@ -101,8 +106,9 @@
  <li> d.vect: variable vector line width added, random colors for points and lines
  <li> d.vect.thematic: added
  <li> g.html2man: fixes for MAN output
- <li> gis.m: new alternative GIS manager added
+ <li> gis.m: new alternative GIS manager added (see above)
  <li> i.in.spotvgt: added
+ <li> i.landsat.rgb: added
  <li> i.ortho.photo/i.rectify: no longer email notification
  <li> nviz: integrated into single user interface; animation labels; new flythrough navigation
  <li> ps.map: various improvements (RGB etc)
@@ -155,11 +161,11 @@
 Release history:
-<br>GRASS GIS 6.1.0beta1 released xxx
+<br>GRASS GIS 6.1.0beta1 released [DAY] [MONTH] 2006
 <a href=http://grass.itc.it>GRASS Development Team</a> <br>
-Date: xxxx  2006 (last changed: $Date$)
+Date: [DAY] [MONTH] 2006 (last changed: $Date$)

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