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@@ -25,8 +25,17 @@
 We are happy to announce that a new stable version of
 <a href="http://grass.itc.it">GRASS GIS</a> has been released today.
-This release adds hundreds of new features, support for the latest GIS
-data formats, and includes new translations for many languages.
+This release fixes several bugs discovered in the 6.2.0 source code.
+It is solely for stability purposes and adds no new features.
+Besides bug fixes it also includes a number of new message translations,
+updates for the help pages, and will better handle errors caused by missing
+or incorrectly installed support software. It also introduces a new 3D raster
+module which was left out of the last release due to time constraints.
+GRASS 6.2.0 added hundreds of new features, see the earlier
+<a href="http://grass.itc.it/announces/announce_grass620.html">6.2.0 release announcement</a>
+for more details.
 The <i>Geographic Resources Analysis Support System</i>, commonly referred to
@@ -45,24 +54,7 @@
 <a href="http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html">GNU General Public License</a>.
-Joining GRASS's well-developed raster engine, the GRASS 6 series introduced
-a new topological 2D/3D vector engine featuring support for vector network
-analysis and SQL-based DBMS management of linked attributes.
-This new release improves the integration and functionality of the raster and
-vector engines, and greatly enhances 3D raster volume (voxel) support.
-Additionally, this release debuts a new graphical GIS manager and menu system,
-while an improved version of the old GUI display manager has been retained for
-legacy support. The NVIZ visualization tool has been enhanced to display 3D
-vector data and voxel volumes, and now supports the creation of on-the-fly
-MPEG animations. Further improvements include substantial message translations
-(i18n) with support for FreeType fonts, including multi-byte Asian characters,
-and the inclusion of tools to create new project locations automatically
-given a georeferenced data file or EPSG code.
-This is the first release of GRASS as a proposed founding project of the new
+GRASS is a proposed founding project of the new
 <a href="http://www.osgeo.org/">Open Source Geospatial Foundation</a>.
 In support of the movement towards consolidation in the open source geospatial
 software world, GRASS is tightly integrated with the latest GDAL/OGR libraries.
@@ -75,7 +67,7 @@
-<li><a href="http://grass.itc.it/grass61/screenshots/index.php">Screenshots</a>
+<li><a href="http://grass.itc.it/grass62/screenshots/index.php">Screenshots</a>
 of GRASS 6.2 in action
@@ -103,234 +95,59 @@
 For details on GRASS software capabilities please refer to:
 <a href="http://grass.itc.it/intro/general.php">http://grass.itc.it/intro/general.php</a>,
-the previous <a href="announce_grass600.html">GRASS 6.0.0 Announcement</a>,
-and the newly renovated <a href="http://grass.gdf-hannover.de/wiki/Main_Page">Wiki
-collaborative help system</a>.
+the previous <a href="announce_grass600.html">GRASS 6.0.0</a> and
+<a href="http://grass.itc.it/announces/announce_grass620.html">GRASS 6.2.0</a>
+release announcements, and the newly renovated
+<a href="http://grass.gdf-hannover.de/wiki/Main_Page">Wiki collaborative help system</a>.
 <h3>What's new in GRASS 6.2.1</h3>
-(selected improvements)
-<li>Numerous bug fixes
-  <li>see the ChangeLogs
-	(<a href="http://grass.itc.it/grass61/source/ChangeLog_6.1.0.gz">6.1</a>,
-	<a href="http://grass.itc.it/grass62/source/ChangeLog_6.2.0.gz">6.2</a>)
-      for details
-<li>Source code quality/libraries:
-  <li> The GRASS code base is now in large part ANSI C compliant
-  <li> Ported <a href="http://mpa.itc.it/radim/wingrass/">natively to MS-Windows</a> (MinGW based)
-  <li> Source code header files: improved, many compiler warnings fixed
-  <li> Compilation: compatible with GCC 4.x
-  <li> <a href="http://grass.itc.it/devel/index.php#prog">Programmer's Manual</a>:
-       continued Doxygen integration and automated generation into PDF and HTML
-       formats. Publicly available for download and perusal.
-  <li> Improved policies for code submission specified in the SUBMITTING files
-  <li> GRASS-SWIG prototype interface added (library bindings for Perl and Python)
-  <li> DBMI: SQLite driver added; SQL parser extended (support for expressions, new types, etc.)
-  <li> DBMI: MySql driver rewritten; MeSql added
-  <li> Support for long map/mapset names
-  <li> Raster maps: ZLIB compression bug fixed for tiny maps
-  <li> Raster maps: optional large file support (LFS, experimental) for maps &gt; 2GB
-  <li> Display: X11/PNG driver rewritten, added RGB-raster operations
-  <li> Display: Movement toward X-Windows as an optional dependency (new multi-platform GUI support)
-  <li> Display: High CPU use during interactive mouse functions fixed
-  <li> Projection code database: updated to EPSG 6.11.2
-  <li> Tcl/Tk 8.4 support for Debian and other platforms using threaded libraries
-  <li> Full FFTW3 support for fast Fourier transforms
-  <li> NetBSD configuration fixes
-<li>  New quality control systems:
+(selected improvements from the more than 100 minor and important bug fixes)
+<!-- 100 files changed since 6.2.0 as of Dec 2, better: `grep ChangeLog|wc -l` -->
-  <li> New internal GRASS test suite (scripts collection in "<tt>testsuite/</tt>")
-  <li> New external <a href="http://www-pool.math.tu-berlin.de/~soeren/grass/GRASS_TestSuite/html_grass-6.2/">GRASS test suite</a> (TU Berlin)
-  <li> New external <a href="http://web.soccerlab.polymtl.ca/grass-evolution/grass-browsers/grass-index-en.html">GRASS Quality Assessment and monitoring system</a>
-       (&Eacute;cole Polytechnique de Montr&eacute;al and ITC-irst)
-  <li> CVS-commit reports into <a href="irc://irc.freenode.net/grass">IRC '#grass' channel</a> via
-       <a href="http://cia.navi.cx/stats/project/GRASS">CIA - The open source informant</a>
-<li>  Graphical User Interface (GUI):
+<li> System and Libraries:
- <li> All modules: Major improvements in the auto-generated GUIs
- <li> <b>gis.m</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - GIS manager added as a
-      replacement for <b>d.m</b> (optional)
- <li> <b>d.m</b>: Legacy support provides access to the latest features while
-      preserving code maturity
- <li> QGIS integration: fixes for the GRASS plugin and toolbox available from
-      <a href="http://www.qgis.org">Quantum GIS</a>
- <li> Continued behind-the-scenes infrastructure refinements for the next generation GUI
+  <li> Install of include files problem on Solaris (Glynn)
+  <li> Handle non-standard ETRS_1989 datum name (Paul)
-<li>GRASS Extensions Manager (GEM): <font color="red">NEW</font>
+<li>  Graphical User Interface (GUI):
-  <li>Configure, compile and install additional GRASS modules without needing
-      the GRASS source code. Simplifies the addition of new modules or themed
-      module groups.
+ <li> Fixes for geo-rectifier (Michael)
+ <li> Zoom fixes (Michael)
+ <li> Meaningful error messages on failed startup (Michael)
 <li> Modules/Scripts:
- <li> Message translation (i18N): added and extended to more than a dozen
-      languages, Tcl/Tk GUI and shell script messages are now translatable
- <li> Documentation/man pages: various fixes and improvements (more examples
-      added, including graphics, improved style, new introductory pages)
- <li> Raster modules: improved support for meta-data and map history
- <li> <b>d.correlate</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - create a graph of the
-      correlation between data layers
- <li> <b>d.graph</b>: rewritten and extended, merged with d.mapgraph; support
-      for symbols
- <li> <b>d.grid</b>: added support for geographic grid overlay on non lat/lon map
-      projections and display of coordinate values
- <li> <b>d.labels</b>, <b>v.label</b>: d.paint.labels renamed d.labels;
-      significant fixes and improvements to the label subsystem
- <li> <b>d.m</b>: improved layout; added functionality
- <li> <b>d.menu</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - creates and displays a menu
-      within the active graphics monitor (tool for interactive scripts)
-      (port from GRASS 5)
- <li> <b>d.mvmon</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - moves displayed maps to another monitor
- <li> <b>d.out.file</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - saves active display monitor
-      graphics to an image file (PNG,JPEG,...)
- <li> <b>d.out.gpsdrive</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - exports display monitor
-      to a <a href="http://www.gpsdrive.cc">GpsDrive</a> compatible backdrop image
- <li> <b>d.polar</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - draws a polar diagram for an
-      angle map such as topographic aspect or flow direction
- <li> <b>d.rast.arrow</b>: many enhancements, support for magnitude as well
-      as 360 degree directional inputs
- <li> <b>d.text</b>: added support for text rotation
- <li> <b>d.vect</b>: variable vector line width added, random colors for points and
-      lines, dynamic width and colors from attribute data
- <li> <b>d.vect.thematic</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - customizable
-      thematic mapper for vector map displays
- <li> <b>g.html2man</b>: fixes for improved man page output
- <li> <b>g.transform</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - utility to compute
-      coordinate transformations based upon GCPs, including error analysis
- <li> <b>gis.m</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> alternative graphical GIS manager
-      (see above)
- <li> <b>i.in.spotvgt</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - import SPOT-VGT NDVI
-      satellite imagery into a raster map
- <li> <b>i.landsat.rgb</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - auto-enhancement of colors
-      for LANDSAT imagery
- <li> <b>i.ortho.photo</b>, <b>i.rectify</b>: no longer signal completion with email
-      notification
- <li> <b>i.spectral</b>: fix for finding <tt>gnuplot</tt>
- <li> <b>i.points</b>, <b>i.vpoints</b>: various fixes, including reverse transform
-      overlay of vector maps from the target projection
- <li> <b>m.proj</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - utility to convert coordinates
-      from one projection to another (automated frontend for <tt>cs2cs</tt>)
- <li> <b>NVIZ</b>: integrated into single user interface; animation labels; new
-      fly-through navigation; direct output of animations to MPEG with FFMPEG
-      library; menus polished; full Tcl/Tk 8.4 support
- <li> <b>ps.map</b>: many improvements (extended RGB support, etc), new vector fill
-      patterns including vector legend support
- <li> <b>r.carve</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - hydrologic module for
-      transforming vector stream data into a raster map, including the
-      subtraction of stream depth from the output DEM
- <li> <b>r.flow</b>: block erroneous Lat/Lon calculations
- <li> <b>r.in.srtm</b>: support for US 1-arcsec tiles
- <li> <b>r.in.wms</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - download and import data from WMS servers
- <li> <b>r.in.xyz</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - creates a raster map from an
-      assemblage of many coordinates using univariate statistics (LIDAR/Swath
-      bathymetry import tool)
- <li> <b>r.lake</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - raises lakes in a DEM from a seed
-      at a given water level
- <li> <b>r.le</b>: many stability fixes
- <li> <b>r.mapcalc</b>, <b>r3.mapcalc</b>: acos(), asin(), pow(), &amp;&amp;&amp;
-      and ||| added for more intuitive handling of null data
- <li> <b>r.mask</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - create a MASK for limiting raster
-      operations (port from GRASS 5)
- <li> <b>r.out.gdal</b>: added support for multiple CREATEKEY and METAKEY parameters
- <li> <b>r.out.vtk</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - converts raster maps into the
-      VTK-ASCII format for 3D visualization
- <li> <b>r.profile</b>: improved handling of input data
- <li> <b>r.sim.sediment</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - overland flow hydrologic
-      erosion model based on duality particle-field concept (SIMWE)
- <li> <b>r.sim.water</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - overland shallow water flow
-      hydrologic model based on duality particle-field concept (SIMWE)
- <li> <b>r.sun</b>: fixed units in description; new shadow algorithm; correction
-      factor for shadowing to account for the Earth's curvature
- <li> <b>r.support</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - raster map layer support
-      module (port from GRASS 5)
- <li> <b>r.thin</b>: fixed maximum iterations for lines
- <li> <b>r.to.rast3</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - converts 2D raster map slices
-      to one 3D raster volume map
- <li> <b>r.to.vect</b>: add flag to not build topology (for <em>r.in.xyz<em> + </em>v.surf.rst</em>)
- <li> <b>r3.*</b>: many code improvements and extended functionality for 3D raster volume (voxel) data
- <li> <b>r3.cross.rast</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - Creates a cross section 2D raster map 
-      from a g3d raster volume map based on a 2D elevation map
- <li> <b>r3.out.vtk</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - converts 3D raster maps into
-      the VTK-ASCII format for visualization
- <li> <b>v.centroids</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - adds missing centroids
-      to a vector map's closed area boundaries
- <li> <b>v.db.addcol</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - creates one or more
-      columns in the attribute table connected to a vector map
- <li> <b>v.db.addtable</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - creates a new
-      attribute table and connects it to an existing vector map
- <li> <b>v.db.droptable</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - removes an existing
-      attribute table from a vector map
- <li> <b>v.db.reconnect.all</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - reconnect vector maps
-      to a new database
- <li> <b>v.db.select</b>: multiple column support added
- <li> <b>v.db.update</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - allows the user to assign a
-      new value to a column in an attribute table
- <li> <b>v.drape</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - converts a 2D vector map
-      into a 3D vector map by sampling an elevation raster
- <li> <b>v.digit</b>: new layout, tools added, bugs fixed
- <li> <b>v.dissolve</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - dissolve boundaries
-      between adjacent areas in a vector map
- <li> <b>v.external</b>: GID search added; auto-search of FID added
- <li> <b>v.extrude</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - extrudes flat vector
-      objects into 3D vector faces of a defined height
- <li> <b>v.in.dxf</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - rewritten for GRASS 6,
-      support for 3D features added
- <li> <b>v.in.ogr</b>: repaired the <tt>--overwrite</tt> flag, selective import with WHERE option
- <li> <b>v.in.e00</b>: various fixes
- <li> <b>v.in.gns</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - imports US-NGA GEOnet Names Server
-      (GNS) country files
- <li> <b>v.in.gpsbabel</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - import Waypoints, Routes, and
-      Tracks from a GPS receiver or a GPS ASCII file into a vector map (supports many GPS formats)
- <li> <b>v.in.mapgen</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - imports Mapgen or Matlab vector maps
-      (port from GRASS 5)
- <li> <b>v.kernel</b>: speed improvements
- <li> <b>v.lrs.*</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - Linear Reference System for
-      vector line networks
- <li> <b>v.out.ogr</b>: 3D 'face' export added (3D vectors, for Google Earth KML format, etc.)
- <li> <b>v.out.vtk</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> VTK vector export
- <li> <b>v.patch</b>: attribute transfer, if table structures are identical
- <li> <b>v.rast.stats</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - calculates univariate
-      statistics from a GRASS raster map based on vector objects
- <li> <b>v.report</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - calculates and reports geometry
-      statistics for vector maps
- <li> <b>v.surf.rst</b>: default <tt>npmin</tt> option fixed; fix for reading
-      spatially variable smoothing parameter
- <li> <b>v.to.rast</b>: added option to compute the direction (angle) of lines
- <li> <b>v.to.rast3</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - converts a vector points map
-      into a 3D raster map
- <li> <b>v.univar.sh</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - calculates extended univariate statistics 
-      on a selected vector map attribute table column
- <li> <b>v.what.vect</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - uploads the values of
-      a given vector map into a coinciding vector point map's attribute table
- <li> Misc. display modules: Increased support for true-color RGB decorations
- <li> Misc. vector modules: Support for dynamic fill color and dynamic feature
-      sizing from DB attribute columns
- <li> Scripts: Fixes for awk and related calculation problems for various locales
- <li> Scripts: Variable test portability issues fixed
+ <li> <b>d.histogram</b>: clear just the current frame, not the full screen (Hamish)
+ <li> <b>i.group</b>: fix subgroup listing (Hamish)
+ <li> <b>ps.map</b>: broken for named paper sizes (Hamish, Glynn)
+ <li> <b>v.db.select</b>: fix errors with the SQL where= option (Hamish)
+ <li> <b>v.in.db</b>: with where="condition" it copies the entire attribute table (Martin)
+ <li> <b>v.in.ogr</b>: fix for gcc4.1.x and non-C locale (Andrey Kiselev)
+ <li> <b>r.to.rast3elev</b>: <font color="red">NEW</font> - Completes the 3D raster tool set.
+     <BR>Creates a 3D volume map based on 2D elevation and value raster maps.
-For a comprehensive list of changes to modules see the 
-  <a href="http://grass.itc.it/grass61/source/ChangeLog_6.1.0.gz">6.1</a> and
-  <a href="http://grass.itc.it/grass62/source/ChangeLog_6.2.0.gz">6.2</a>
-ChangeLog files.</p>
+For a comprehensive list of changes see the
+ <a href="http://grass.itc.it/grass62/source/snapshot/">ChangeLog</a>.  <!-- FIXME -->
 For a complete list of commands available in GRASS 6.2.1 see the
-<a href="http://grass.itc.it/grass62/manuals/html62_user/index.html">online manuals</a>.</p>
+<a href="http://grass.itc.it/grass62/manuals/html62_user/index.html">online manuals</a>
+and the 
+<a href="http://grass.itc.it/gdp/grassmanuals/grass63_module_list.pdf">GRASS 6 module list</a>.
 <p><BR><i>We are always looking for testers, code developers, and technical
 writers to <a href="http://grass.itc.it/devel/index.php">help us</a> maintain and accelerate
@@ -365,15 +182,17 @@
-<a href="abstract_grass620.txt">Short version</a> |
+<a href="abstract_grass621.txt">Short version</a>
+<!-- |
 <a href="abstract_grass620_CZ.txt">Short version (CZ)</a> |
 <a href="abstract_grass620_DE.txt">Short version (DE: Kurzfassung)</a> |
 <a href="riassunto_grass620.txt">Short version (IT: riassunto)</a>
 <a href="http://grass.itc.it/community/team.php">GRASS Development Team</a><br>
-Date: 31 Oct 2006 (last changed: $Date$)
+Date: [DATE] (last changed: $Date$)

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