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 <li>September 2006: <a href="https://www.osgeo.org/servlets/NewsItemView?newsItemID=41">Markus Neteler Wins Sol Katz GFOSS Award</a> (see also: <a href="http://ansa.it/main/notizie/regioni/trentino/news/2006-10-30_1308164.html">ANSA.it</a>)
 <li>September 2006: <a
 SDI-Africa Newsletter
-href="http://www.gsdi.org/newsletters/SDIAfricav5n9.pdf">SDI-Africa Newsletter announcing GRASS 6.1.0 release
+href="http://www.gsdi.org/newsletters/SDIAfricav5n9.pdf">SDI-Africa Newsletter announcing GRASS 6.1.0 release</a>
 <li>August 2006: <a href="http://news.moneycontrol.com/india/newsarticle/stocksnews.php?autono=235936">'Fortune 500 Cos lose 10% of profits with current software'</a> - Interview with M. Tiemann
 <li>August 2006: <a href="http://www.directionsmag.com/press.releases/?duty=Show&id=15020">GRASS GIS 6.1.0 released 11 August 2006</a> by DirectionsMag
 <li>June 2006: <a href="http://trends.newsforge.com/trends/06/06/22/1714202.shtml">Uncovering progress in FOSS-based archeology</a> by: NewsForge/M. Fioretti
@@ -163,17 +163,17 @@
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+weblist at grass.itc.it or visit the website at 
+<a href=http://grass.itc.it>http://grass.itc.it</a>.
-GRASS Development Team
+The GRASS Development Team
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