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Author: markus

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--- announce_grass610.html	23 Apr 2006 18:31:14 -0000	1.11
+++ announce_grass610.html	3 Jul 2006 16:39:31 -0000	1.12
@@ -73,17 +73,23 @@
 <li>Source code quality/libraries:
   <li> GRASS is now ANSI C compliant
-  <li> Ported <a href="http://mpa.itc.it/radim/wingrass/">natively to MS-Windows</a> (mingW)
+  <li> Ported <a href="http://mpa.itc.it/radim/wingrass/">natively to MS-Windows</a> (MinGW based)
   <li> Include header files fixed
   <li> Compilation: gcc4 compatibility
   <li> Programmer's Manual: continued doxygen integration and automated extraction into
        PDF/HTML formats
-  <li> GRASS-SWIG prototype interface added (PERL)
+  <li> SUBMITTING, SUBMITTING_SCRIPTS, SUBMITTING_TCLTK: New instructions for submitting code
+  <li> GRASS-SWIG prototype interface added (PERL, Python)
   <li> DBMI: sqlite driver added; sql parser extended (support of expressions etc)
   <li> DBMI: mysql driver rewritten; mesql added
   <li> Support of long map/mapset names
   <li> raster maps: ZLIB compression bug for tiny maps fixed
   <li> raster maps: optionally large file support (LFS, experimental) for maps &gt; 2GB
+  <li> display: X11/PNG driver rewritten, added RGB-raster operations
+  <li> Projection codes: updated to EPSG 6.9
+<li>  Quality control:
   <li> New internal GRASS test suite (scripts collection in testsuite/)
   <li> New external <a href="http://www-pool.math.tu-berlin.de/~soeren/grass/GRASS_TestSuite/html/Summary.html">GRASS test suite</a> (TU Berlin)
   <li> New external <a href="http://grass.itc.it/mailman/listinfo/grass-qa">GRASS Quality Assessment and monitoring system</a> (&Eacute;cole Polytechnique de Montr&eacute;al, ITC-irst)
@@ -91,38 +97,53 @@
 <li>  Graphical User Interface (GUI):
  <li> major improvements in the Tcl/TK based GUI
- <li> gis.m: new GIS manager added
+ <li> gis.m: new GIS manager added as replacement of d.m
 <li> Modules/Scripts:
- <li> Translation:: added and extended various languages
+ <li> Message translation (i18N): added and extended to &gt; 10 languages
  <li> Documentation/MAN: various fixes and improvements (examples style, new intro pages)
  <li> d.correlate: added
+ <li> d.graph: rewritten, merged with d.mapgraph
  <li> d.grid: added geographic grid support
  <li> d.m: improved layout; added functionality
  <li> d.mvmon: added
  <li> d.out.file: added
+ <li> d.polar: added
  <li> d.text: text rotation added
  <li> d.vect: variable vector line width added, random colors for points and lines
  <li> d.vect.thematic: added
  <li> g.html2man: fixes for MAN output
+ <li> g.transform: added
  <li> gis.m: new alternative GIS manager added (see above)
+ <li> i.find: Ignore hidden files
  <li> i.in.spotvgt: added
  <li> i.landsat.rgb: added
  <li> i.ortho.photo/i.rectify: no longer email notification
- <li> nviz: integrated into single user interface; animation labels; new flythrough navigation
- <li> ps.map: various improvements (RGB etc)
+ <li> i.spectral: fix for finding gnuplot
+ <li> i.vpoints: various menu fixes
+ <li> m.proj: added
+ <li> nviz: integrated into single user interface; animation labels; new flythrough navigation;
+         menus polished
+ <li> ps.map: various improvements (RGB etc), vector fill patterns
  <li> r.carve: added
+ <li> r.cost: segmentation warning fixed
  <li> r.flow: disabled LatLong support
  <li> r.in.srtm: add flag to also read in US 1-arcsec tiles
- <li> r.mapcalc, r3.mapcalc: acos() and asin() added
+ <li> r.in.wms: added
+ <li> r.in.xyz: added
+ <li> r.lake: added
+ <li> r.mapcalc, r3.mapcalc: acos(), asin(), pow(), &amp;&amp;&amp; and ||| added
+ <li> r.out.gdal: added multiple CREATEKEY and METAKEY
  <li> r.out.vtk: added
  <li> r.profile: data input improved
  <li> r.sim.sediment: added
  <li> r.sim.water: added
  <li> r.sun: fixed units in description; new shadow algorithm; correction factor for shadowing to account for the earth curvature
  <li> r.support: re-added
+ <li> r.thin: fixed max iterations for lines
  <li> r.to.rast3: added
+ <li> r.to.vect: add flag to not build topology (for r.in.xyz + v.surf.rst)
  <li> r3.*: code improvements and extended functionality for voxel data
  <li> r3.out.vtk: added
  <li> v.db.addcol: added
@@ -132,10 +153,18 @@
  <li> v.db.select: multiple column support added
  <li> v.db.update: added
  <li> v.drape: added
+ <li> v.digit: new tools added
+ <li> v.edit: added
+ <li> v.external: GID search added; auto-search of FID added
  <li> v.extrude: added
+ <li> v.in.dxf: rewritten, 3D support added
+ <li> v.in.ogr: --overwrite option should work now, selective import with WHERE
  <li> v.in.e00: fixed
  <li> v.in.gns: added
  <li> v.in.mapgen: added
+ <li> v.kernel: speed patch
+ <li> v.lrs.*: Linear Reference System added
+ <li> v.out.ogr: Faces export added (3D vectors, for KML etc)
  <li> v.patch: attribute transfer, if table structures are identical
  <li> v.rast.stats: added
  <li> v.report: added

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