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<title>GRASS GIS Fedora Core 6 RPMs</title>
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	<H1>GRASS GIS Fedora Core 6 RPMs</H1>
	<p>Fedora has packages for <code>proj</code> and <code>geos</code> in their repository.  The RPM for <code>geos</code> provided here is simply more recent.  Either will work.
	The RPM for <code>proj</code> here have been altered to provide datum/grids that are not provided by Fedora's <code>proj</code> or <code>proj-nad</code>.</p>
	<code>jasper</code> is only required for <code>gdal-max</code>.  This version has the GeoJP patch.
	<p>There are two version of <code>gdal</code>.  <code>gdal-min</code> has minimal functionality, but also has the fewest dependencies.  <code>gdal-max</code> supports many more data formats like <code>hdf5</code>, <code>netcdf</code>, <code>jasper</code>, <code>geos</code>, <code>cfitsio</code>.</p>
	<code>gdal-grass</code> is needed for <code>gdal</code>.  It is a plugin for <code>gdal</code> to access data from GRASS GIS.</p>
	<code>grass</code> GRASS GIS.  It requires <code>proj</code>, <code>geos</code>, one of the <code>gdal</code> packages, <code>fftw</code>, <code>tcl</code>, <code>tk</code>, <code>freetype</code>, <code>ncurses</code>, <code>libtiff</code>, <code>libjpeg</code>, <code>libpng</code>, <code>readline</code>, <code>mesa-libGL</code>, <code>python</code>, <code>lesstif</code>, and <code>libX11</code>.</p>

	<p>Unfortunately, one of the consequences of complex software like GRASS GIS is a large number of dependencies.  The easiest and simplest way to install GRASS GIS is to download the RPMs here you wish to install and then do:<p>
 <code>yum localinstall downloaded_packages</code><p>
  <code>yum</code> will find and downloaded any extra RPMs that are required.</p>
	Installing using <code>rpm</code> can be difficult if you do not already have the majority of dependencies already installed.  Using <code>yum</code> is the preferred installation method.</p>

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