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 HUMUS Online</a> - 
 The Hydrologic Unit Model for the United States, an online water resources project 
 using GRASS from the TAES-Blackland Research Center.</DD> -->
+<DD><img src="../images/bullet_freen.gif"><a href="http://www3.baylor.edu/cagsr/swat/">USDA-ARS SWAT/GRASS interface</a> connects the Soil and Water Assessment Tool to GRASS</DD>
 <DD><img src="../images/bullet_green.gif"><a href="http://research.esd.ornl.gov/~hnw/">
 A great set of visualizations and demos</a> can be found at William Hargrove's website, 
 including the Clinch River Restoration Project.  Lots of mpegs and animations.</DD>

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