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GRASS Roots by Jim Westervelt

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 <P><a href="vanwarren.html">Lynn Van Warren recalls the design of 
 Fort Hood GIS software design that lead to GRASS development</a> 
+<p><a href="http://gisws.media.osaka-cu.ac.jp/grass04/viewabstract.php?id=53">GRASS Roots by Jim Westervelt</a> (In Proc. <i>Free/Libre and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics: GIS-GRASS Users Conference 2004</i>, Sept. 12-14, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004)
 <p><a href="http://www.foss4g2006.org/materialDisplay.py?contribId=214&amp;sessionId=54&amp;materialId=slides&amp;confId=1">Early GRASS Community Views on FOSS by Jim Westervelt</a> (Keynote at FOSS4G2006, 11-15 September 2006, Lausanne, Switzerland)

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