[GRASS-web] raster module for travel time calculations

Kristian Förster kristian.foerster at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 18 04:08:57 EST 2007

Dear GRASS developers,

I am using GRASS GIS for some hydrological applications. For some 
questions like flood prediction it is useful to estimate the travel time 
of surface water in a basin to the outlet. Therefor I've developed a 
raster program "r.traveltime" which calculates the travel time for each 
cell in a basin from outputs of r.watershed and r.fill.dir. There is 
much literature about this procedure available but there's a lag of 
available software (GRASS and even ArcGIS do not come with such 
functions). The personal need an the lag of available programs were the 
reason for me to develop a new program for GRASS GIS. I am not a 
programming expert, so the program is very simple and far away from 
being perfect. Maybe if you are interested in these kind of extensions 
you may list it on your add-on page. Further it could be useful for 
other users of hydrological applications.

r.traveltime is available here: 

Best regards

Kristian Förster

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