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 Highlights include further maturation of the GRASS 6 GUI, vector, and
 database code. Some improvements have been backported from the GRASS 6.3
 development branch where new development continues at a strong pace of
-approximately one code commit every hour, including major work being done
-on an all new cross-platform wxPython GUI.
+approximately one code commit every hour, including major work on an
+all new cross-platform wxPython GUI and a native MS Windows port.
  recent 2007 CVS commits:
  Feb 585
@@ -72,19 +72,19 @@
 regarded PROJ.4 software library with support for most known map projections
 and the easy definition of new and rare map projections via custom
 parameterization. Strong links are maintained with the
-<a href="http://www.qgis.org">QGIS</a> and
+<a href="http://www.qgis.org">QuantumGIS</a> and
 <a href="http://www.r-project.org">R Statistics</a> projects with integrated
-GRASS toolkits available for each.
+GRASS toolkits available for both.
-<li><a href="http://grass.itc.it/grass62/screenshots/index.php">Screenshots</a>
+<li><a href="http://grass.itc.it/screenshots/index.php">Screenshots</a>
 of GRASS 6.2 in action
-<h3>Platforms supported by GRASS 6.2.2</h3>
+<h3>Platforms supported by GRASS 6.2.3</h3>
 <p>GNU/Linux, Mac OS X/Darwin, Microsoft Windows (with full UNIX support via
 Cygwin), Sun Solaris (SPARC/Intel), Silicon Graphics Irix, HP-UX, DEC-Alpha,
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@
 <a href="http://grass.itc.it/intro/general.php">http://grass.itc.it/intro/general.php</a>,
 the previous <a href="announce_grass600.html">GRASS 6.0.0</a>,
-<a href="http://grass.itc.it/announces/announce_grass620.html">GRASS 6.2.0</a>, and
+<a href="http://grass.itc.it/announces/announce_grass620.html">GRASS 6.2.0</a>,
 <a href="http://grass.itc.it/announces/announce_grass621.html">GRASS 6.2.1</a>, and
 <a href="http://grass.itc.it/announces/announce_grass622.html">GRASS 6.2.2</a>
 release announcements, and the
@@ -120,26 +120,31 @@
 <h3>What's new in GRASS 6.2.3</h3>
-(selected improvements)
-<!-- 241 CVS changes since 6.2.1: `grep -c '^2' ChangeLog_6.2.1-6.2.2`-1 -->
+(selected improvements from the more than 70 minor and important fixes)
+<!-- 72 CVS changes since 6.2.2: `grep -c '^2' ChangeLog_6.2.2-6.2.3` -5 VERSION admin -->
 <li> System and Libraries:
- <li> <b>MAN pages</b>: don't fail if MAN is compressed
- <li> <b>PG DBMI driver</b>: PG_TYPE_POSTGIS_GEOM and views backported
- <li> <b>EPSG</b>: Update to EPSG 6.13
+ <li> <b>Help pages</b>: Add support for compressed <i>man</i> pages; add new examples
+ <li> <b>PostgreSQL DBMI driver</b>: Add support for PG_TYPE_POSTGIS_GEOM and views
+ <li> <b>Projection database</b>: Update to EPSG 6.13
 <li> Modules/Scripts:
- <li> <b>Translations</b>: Backported translations from 6.3.cvs for 6.2.3 release
- <li> <b>r.los</b>: various fixes
- <li> <b>r.mapcalculator</b>: Replace UTF-8 encoded NBSP characters with normal ASCII spaces
- <li> <b>r.support</b>: don't crash on reclassed maps
- <li> <b>ps.map</b>: Don't segfault if SQL query is malformed, or with EPS vpoints
- <li> <b>r.coin, r.report, v.to.db</b>: more precise conversions for square miles, feet, and acres
- <li> <b>v.in.ogr</b>: OFTDate, OFTTime and OFTDateTime backported
+ <li> <b>Translations</b>: Backported new translations from 6.3.cvs
+ <li> <b>r.los</b>: Better support for NULLs in pattern map mask and output map
+ <li> <b>r.mapcalculator</b>: Replaced UTF-8 encoded NBSP characters with
+	normal ASCII spaces
+ <li> <b>r.support</b>: Fix crash when using reclassed maps
+ <li> <b>ps.map</b>: Fix crash when SQL query is malformed and with EPS vpoints
+ <li> <b>r.coin, r.report, v.to.db</b>: More precise conversions for square
+	miles, feet, and acres
+ <li> <b>v.in.ogr</b>: Add support for OFTDate, OFTTime, and OFTDateTime SQL datatypes
+ <li> <b>v.report</b>: Fix x,y order; add support for z coordinate
@@ -178,6 +183,9 @@
 The source code is freely available allowing for immediate customization,
 examination of the underlying algorithms, addition of new features, and
 fast bug fixing.
+A repository of many community contributed add-on modules is available on the
+<a href="http://grass.gdf-hannover.de/wiki/GRASS_AddOns">GRASS Wiki</a> site.
@@ -190,13 +198,13 @@
  <li> GRASS GIS 6.2.0RC1 released 26 September 2006
  <li> GRASS GIS 6.2.0RC2 released 6 October 2006
  <li> GRASS GIS 6.2.0RC3 released 24 October 2006
- <li> GRASS GIS 6.2.0 released 31 October 2006
+ <li> <B>GRASS GIS 6.2.0 released 31 October 2006</B>
  <li> GRASS GIS 6.2.1RC1 released 6 December 2006
- <li> GRASS GIS 6.2.1 released 12 December 2006
+ <li> <B>GRASS GIS 6.2.1 released 12 December 2006</B>
  <li> GRASS GIS 6.2.2RC1 released 29 May 2007
- <li> GRASS GIS 6.2.2 released 16 July 2007
+ <li> <B>GRASS GIS 6.2.2 released 16 July 2007</B>
  <li> GRASS GIS 6.2.3RC1 released 21 Oct 2007
- <li> GRASS GIS 6.2.3 released 27 Nov 2007
+ <li> <B>GRASS GIS 6.2.3 released 27 Nov 2007</B>

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