[GRASS-web] Business Partnership + Links Request with MPM Software + itc.it

MPMSoft Links Manager rwright at mpmsoft.com
Thu Feb 28 14:06:47 EST 2008

Dear itc.it:
I'm Michael Sculley, director of business development at MPMsoft; a 
Medical Billing Software company based in the Napa Valley, CA.  

I was at your website and felt that there could be a synergy between 
us. Our business provides small healthcare practices with exceptional 
billing software and software support. I thought that our software 
could be a valuable resource for your website visitors.  
If you feel  the same and/or would like to investigate further, please 
call me. 
We'd like to propose a relationship on any of three levels: 
1. We are interested in discussing any business synergies that could be 
created between us 
2. We would like to be listed on your links/resource page.
3. We would be happy to put up a reciprocal link to your website in our 
'business resources' section at your request.
I can be reached by telephone at (707) 226-1155 Ext. 14 
Michael Sculley - BizDev
MPMsoft - 3272 Villa Lane
Napa Valley, CA. 94558
t. 707-226-1155 (ext. 14)
e. msculley at mpmsoft.com
w. http://www.MPMsoft.com 
For convenience, we've included our link information here:
URL:  http://www.mpmsoft.com
Title:  MPMsoft Medical billing software
Description: Electronic medical billing software for windows.  Website: 
-------------link html--------------
<font><a href="http://www.mpmsoft.com" 
title="MPMsoft medical billing software">MPMsoft Medical billing 
software</a><br>Electronic medical billing software for windows.  
Website: http://www.MPMsoft.com 

-----------end link code-------------
If you desire a reciprocal link from us to your website, please put up 
our link code, and then email the link location to us and we'll be 
happy to add your site to our resource pages within the next 48 hours. 
Ricky Wright is our Links Manager and he can be reached by email at: 
Ricky Wright
MPMsoft Links Mgr.
e. rwright at mpmsoft.com
Thank you for considering our request.
Michael Sculley
MPMsoft BizDev

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