[GRASS-web] GIS-polygones to CAD-polygone?

Patrick me Patrick_GIS at gmx.ch
Sat Sep 27 11:46:12 EDT 2008


does someone know how to export a GRASS-polygone layer to CAD polygones? I want to export a GIS-file with buildings and go on drawing within a CAD-programm (my collegues are not used to use GIS).

Tried v.out.dxf , but does explode the polygones to single lines, so this ain't working. Dwg might be a solution but there's no v.out.dwg in my GRASS,  converters are not free of license and registration in opendwg also is not free of charge.

'd be great if I could get some help here- just no idea what I could do.....

Greetz, Patrick
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