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R. Amir Landscape Architect ruvy at ruvyamir.co.il
Fri Oct 8 04:39:10 EDT 2010


I need to present early next week landscape analysis of a site and thought it may be an opportunity for me to leave microstation (my cad program) and "get my feet wet" in GIS. Read as much as I could find about free gis, downloaded and installed the files needed for Grass 6.4, created the needed directories and started it. unfortunately all I have managed to get oen is the terminal box and the first wizard screens. In it I have tried several ways to create a localization to Israel and my site (including use of georeferenced dwg file and prj files but nothing was added to the directory or to the list and there no way to turn on the MapSet preparation button.

I am just a landscape architect - no programer, no knowledge of compiling or script work which may tell you I shouldn't even dare trying but I am curious and see some potential in it for landscape evaluation. I also hate bothering you as I know there should be no support for it but having a deadline on next tuesday left me no other choice.

I intend to buy your book but need to find out first if GRASS 6.4 is something I am able to use at work preferably also to be able to loadGIS drawings and DB from arcinfo, microstation geography etc. For my test I have a survey of a mountain and i want to produce slope analysis, viewshed analysis and land use analysis. I also have a folder sent to me from arcinfo with the following file types: .dbf  .sbn  .sbx  shp  .shp.xml  .shx  .prj. I trust that unlike me they will mean something to you.

Hope I am not intruding too badly and am asking to excuse my barging in like that. It will help me much if you could guy me or refer me to a person or a link that could do it but I'll understand if you decline for whatever reason you may have

Best regards

ראובן (רובי) עמיר - אדריכל נוף מתכנן סביבה
Reuven (Ruvy) Amir Landscape Architect 

ֿruvy at ruvyamir.co.il
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