[GRASS-web] Namibian mirror for Grass

Laurent Evrard levrard at polytechnic.edu.na
Tue Feb 5 21:37:33 PST 2013

Good day,

We were listed as a grass mirror until recently, until a systems 
administrator realised our mirror was not updating any longer, because 
your TIER-1 mirror changed.

We are now mirroring from your listed Tier-1 site in Poland, and the 
update is complete.

Please include us again as a mirror. The URL is: 


Laurent Evrard

Laurent Evrard
Director: Bureau of Computer Services
Polytechnic of Namibia
Tel: + 264 61 2072275
Fax:  +264 61 2072261
Email: levrard at polytechnic.edu.na

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