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to GRASS GIS programming does not depend on any special set of tools except
for C/C++ compiler and/or Python interpreter and few other tools. You can
develop your GRASS module (or call GRASS functionality) using C, C++ or
Python (alternatively bindings to some other languages/environments are
also available, namely R and Bash or other command line).

I've newer personally tried write GRASS module in C or C++ on Windows. The
best place to start is probably this page:


If you would like to use some IDE, I can recommend you QtCreator which I'm
using for GRASS development. Here is the guide how to use it for GRASS
(written for Linux, but should be possible to generalize it):


For Python, you just need some Python editor/IDE, I can recommend you


Note that you need to run your Python scripts as well as C/C++ programs
from GRASS session. There are other possibilities but this is what is used.

API documentation is placed here:


If you have further questions about programming in GRASS consider joining
grass-dev mailing list:



On Sat, Nov 30, 2013 at 5:35 AM, Enayat Soleymani <soleymani87 at gmail.com>wrote:

> hi
> if someone wants to do programing by Arc abject in the windows
> operating system he will need Arc Engine and visual studio (c#).
> I was wondering if you could please answer this question :
> what do I need to do programing by GRASS in the windows operating system?
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