[GRASS-web] Availability of GRASS

Daniel Hinojosa dhinojosa at slashdotmedia.com
Wed Sep 11 13:01:05 PDT 2013

Hello Michael, and GRASS Team,

I’m the Community Manager over at SourceForge, where back in 1999 the site
was founded to help foster long-term retention of source code.

One of my coworkers brought your project to my attention.  First, I wanted
to thank you for your contributions of code to our community, and your work
for the greater good.  I’m reaching out today to see if we can help
preserve your legacy through a gratis (free of charge) offer to host your
download distribution.

SourceForge maintains a global mirror network to help ensure worldwide
availability of Open Source projects. We would be glad to host either
primary distribution of your software (both binaries and source code), or
to mirror your releases as a further backup to ensure availability should
your primary provider go offline.

Since we started in 1999 our services have remained à la carte (use what
you need) and gratis (free of charge), focused on providing the Open Source
Software development community a great download service, web hosting, SCM
services and browser-based tools for user engagement.

Simply reply and I can help get the ball rolling.

Best regards,


*Daniel Hinojosa*
*Community Manager, SourceForge / Slashdot Media*
p: 415.890.3608
e: d at slashdotmedia.com
facebook: facebook.com/d.Slashdotmedia
skype: hinojosad
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