[GRASS-web] Rasterize method

mcarrilho mcarrilho at isegi.unl.pt
Tue Oct 7 10:55:24 PDT 2014

My name is Miguel Carrilho i am working on a project for my theses at 
ISEGI, Nova University of Lisbon Portugal.

i am using the too v.to.rast.attribute to rasterize vector layers by 
attribute, and it works perfectly, although i do not find in the 
documentation the method used to assign the attribute value to the cell. 
i would like it to be by the biggest area (majority) which i think it's 
not happening, since i verified in the output raster against the 
original shapefile.

how can i do this using GRASS?
where can i find the method used? if i can find it can i change it to be 
by majority?

Best regards,
Miguel Carrilho

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