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GRASS GIS can display points on a map. The base map or the actually data
you want to show can go from different sources ranging from simple CSV
exported from Excel for points to base map, e.g. OpenStreetMap obtained
using the Web Map Service protocol. GRASS GIS can generate images (e.g. in
PNG format) which are easy to put on a website. GRASS GIS would be a great
advantage if you decided to do more geospatial analysis. QGIS which is
often used in combination with GRASS GIS is used by many users to create
beautiful maps.

Solution similar to Mapline from the technical point of view is OpenLayers
or Leaflet. OpenLayers support CSV/Text layer without any plugins. Leaflet
needs a plugin. Both has support for OpenStreetMap as a base map. And by
the way, Mapline is actually using Leaflet with OpenStreetMap for the map
visualization in their map hosting service.

There are people and companies out there offering services, with different
pricing options, based the software I described, for example Mapbox and
QGIS Cloud. However, all the software I mentioned above is free, libre and
open source. So you have great options of what you can do just by yourself
and put it to your website in a way you want. Creating a web map using
OpenLayers or Leaflet is as easy as creating a simple website. Starting
with GRASS GIS or QGIS might be more difficult but the processing powers
are much greater.

Hope this helps,


On Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 11:46 AM, jen <jen at baltimorerising.org> wrote:

> Good Morning,
> I am writing to ask about the certain capabilities of the GRASS GIS
> system. Our organization is looking for a software or plug in that could be
> embedded in our soon-to-be created website to display maps created from
> excel file data (containing locations or coordinates). We are currently
> subscribing to Mapline, but they are not meeting our needs. Is this
> something that GRASS GIS could accomplish? If not, do you know where we
> could look for software that would be capable of this?
> Thank you for your help.
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