[GRASS-web] Hi nothing to the homepage.. but on my whishlist

Lars Jørgensen lars at lajod.com
Sat Sep 24 00:24:01 PDT 2016

Hi nothing to the homepage.. but on my whishlist

I think it is awesome you have come so far since I tried first time in 
2006, alot has happend and I think it is great you support so many 
platforms so nobody is limited from the starting point, another great 
gnu idealism.

I would like if you have time to look at how it can be possible to 
implement something like gdal drivers, I think it is.

I am not successfull with these gis programs, 1) I am not a gis-man, 2) 
I never seem to have enough time to get into it 3) I have no idea how 
more than html programming works, I am visual far more than linguistic.

I live in Norway there is alot of free map data awailable online just to 
download, but then you need an expensive program to read and handle that 
data which is in Sosi format .sos

Within the last 2 years some people have been working on a solution with 
a translater/converter which make both for osx and winos Sosicon which 
even has a graphic userinterface that I can navigate with a little time 
on it.

But from there I am stuck again. Lately I saw that qgis might be able to 
handle it directly without conversion but no luck there. 

Then I read on the homepage that the drivers for the format has been put 
out on opensource for years but no one have taken up on implementing it 
in their gis software. .... Maybe they dont know about it ... Norway 
only has 5 million inhabitants sorhh maybe it is not worth the bother 
... Or maybe it has not come out as many other things from the cold north.

Well this is the story : http://labs.kartverket.no/sos/

They even write you support it but with a commandline conversion, but 
how does that work ?

For me it dont work, I would like to go to finder and find the open or 
import choose the sosi file and then it is there maybe in a layer or 
something like that. Commandline is great for programmers, not for 
dummies like me who would like to see the map.

Kind Regards Lars
the grass dummie

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