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Donald Coetzee donald at tenet.ac.za
Sun Jun 14 23:41:09 PDT 2020

Hi Markus,

Thanks forthe info on the command - I will check the URL, and let you know!

The current URL is: grass.mirror.ac.za - but it is still pointing at the 
old infrastructure as we were not quite ready to point it at the new. I 
will let you know once we have things in place.

Just as a reminder, the new infrastructure supports:

https://grass.mirror.ac.za (old infrastructure is not https)


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	Donald Coetzee
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Tertiary Education & Research Network of South Africa NPC

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On 2020/06/13 12:29, Markus Neteler wrote:
> Hi Donald,
> BTW: this seems to be the right command:
> rsync -az --port=50026 staging.grass.osgeo.org::grass-website grass-website
> Another mirror has been set up here:
> https://grass.mirror.download.it/
> I do not seem to have your mirror URL - is it publicly available?
> thanks,
> Markus
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