[winGRASS] Problems with GUI under WIN NT 4.0

Joachim Sommer c5joso at geogr.uni-jena.de
Mon Oct 1 09:27:49 EDT 2001

Hy WinGRASS listers

This is the first time I write to you. I am a beginner in using GRASS
software. Following the instruction avaiable on Internet I still got
some problems with starting tcltkgrass GUI under WIN NT 4.0 (SP 6a). I
have installed cygwin, X11 libraries, XServer, precompiled
Grass5.0.0pre2*.tar.gz and tcl/tk 8.x software.
Everything seems to be good and I can start GRASS with the commandline
in the X Window session. Futhermore I downloaded xtcltk-*.tar.gz and I
changed the root directory of startxwin.bat (to d:/cygwin).

Unfortunatly, I have no idea to overcome my troubles, because no further
help on Internet is avaialble.
Is there any further help of installing GRASS5 avaiable on Internet?
Who got an idea to overcome my problems?
Do I have to change more paths in startxwin.bat or other files?

kind regards
Joachim Sommer

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