[GRASS-windows] Re: winGRASS 6.4.0RC3 available in OSGeo4W test mode (Markus Neteler)

Isaac Ullah isaac.ullah at asu.edu
Wed Jan 28 23:16:30 EST 2009

I get the following errors when starting GRASS after OsGeo4W install process
(both 6.4.RC3, and  standard 6.4):

Start GRASS from icon or cmd. Choose location/mapset, hit run. Get firs
Error setting region (Problem with g.region?): child killed:segmentation

Press OK, then:

g.proj or projection error: child killed: segmentation violation

Press OK, then:

can't read "monitor_zooms(1,1,n)": no such variable while executing
"lappend region $monitor_xooms($mon,1,4attr)" (procedure
"MapCanvas::currentzoom"line 15) invoked from within
"MapCanvas::currentzoom $mon" (procedure "MapCanvas::currentzoom" line 23)
invoked from within
"MapCanvas::coordconv $mon" (procedure "MapCanvas::create" line 68) invoked
from within
"MapCanvas::create" (procedure "Gm::startmon" line 11) invoked from within
"Gm::startmon" (procedure "Gm::create" line 79) invoked from within
"Gm::create" (procedure "main" line 30) invoked from within
"main $arfc $argv" (file
"C:\OSGeo4W/apps/grass/grass-6.4.0RC3\etc\gm\gm.tcl" line 566)

Press OK, then GRASS quits.

I still have GRASS 6.3 windows native version installed, but don't think
that that should be causing this issue since OsGeo4W seems to keep it's
packages seperate after install. Intersting to see the strange juxtiposition
of PC and *nix slashes in the last line of the third error. Is that parsed

For install options, I only chose to install GRASS, and let the OsGEO4W pick
dependencies... Seems to have downloaded and installed everything, but is it
possible there is some problem with the OsGeo4W intallation of Proj when
doen this way?



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>         mode
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> The winGRASS 6.4.0RC3 has been packaged, for now in test mode (new
> digitizer and wxnviz yet not included):
> To install (note the -t) run:
> C:\osgeo4w-setup.exe -t
> Al before, in the "Advanced installer", you find GRASS. It should
> find its dependencies automatically now.
> The previously missing g.mlist has been included now.
> Thanks to Jef Fischer for packaging it,
> Markus
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Isaac I Ullah, M.A.

Archaeology PhD Student,
ASU School of Evolution and Social Change

Research Assistant,
Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics Project
isaac.ullah at asu.edu
ullah at archaeologist.com

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