[Gvsig_italian] (senza oggetto)

Antonio Falciano afalciano a yahoo.it
Mer 17 Giu 2009 11:02:27 PDT

Antonio Falciano ha scritto:
> Tatsiana Hubina ha scritto:
>> Dear friends! 
>> I have a problem ... I am not able to find the linux version of
>>  Extensiones para gvSIG
>> Consejería de Medio Ambiente, Junta de Castilla y León
>> I have found a few sources, but I have got ither unstable version or
>> damaged...
> Hi Tatsiana,
> maybe you can try to copy and paste the folders which start with
> "es.iver.cyl" contained into "gvSIG_1.9_beta\bin\gvSIG\extensiones" from
> the latest 1.9 beta for Linux. Let we know if you have solved in this way.

Tanya, folders which start with "es.iver.cyl" are contained into
"<gvSIG_1.1.2_dir>\bin\gvSIG\extensiones" after win installation, not
in gvSIG_1.9_beta one. Excuse me for the mistake!


Antonio Falciano

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