[Gvsig_italian] 5th gvSIG Conference: We keep growing

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Mar 30 Giu 2009 06:13:14 PDT

The 5th Edition of the gvSIG Conference [1], organized by the Regional  
Ministry of
Infrastructure and Transport (CIT), will be held from December 2nd  
until December 4th at
the Feria Valencia Convention and Exhibition Center, and will once  
again host the

In these difficult times when collaboration is most important, we cope  
with the
adversities together with the aim of coming out strengthened by them.  
We continue moving
ahead together. This is part of the gvSIG project and through this  
approach we keep on
growing. This is our slogan for the fifth edition of the gvSIG  
Conference: We keep

The call for papers for the Fifth Edition of the gvSIG conference is  
now open. As of
today communication proposals can be sent to the email address:
contacto-jornadas-gvsig a gva.es; they will be evaluated by the  
scientific committee as to
their inclusion in the conference program. There are two types of  
communication: paper or
poster. Information regarding to regulations on communication  
presentations can be found
in the report?s section [2]. Abstracts will be accepted until September 21st .

Organizations interested in collaborating in the event can find  
information in the
section: How to collaborate? [3]

[1] http://jornadas.gvsig.org/home/view?set_language=en
[2] http://jornadas.gvsig.org/reports
[3] http://jornadas.gvsig.org/how-to-collaborate

Please don't reply this email, if you wish to contact us, send an email to
comunicacion_gvsig a gva.es

News Office
gvSIG project
Regional Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport - Valencian Government

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