[Ica-osgeo-labs] OSGeo involvement in SDI-Open / ICC Brazil

Hogan, Patrick (ARC-PX) patrick.hogan at nasa.gov
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A booth is a wonderful idea, an enterprise where everything is free and sustainable!
Like a pet flower, with just a bit of care and a byte of feeding, will give much in return, 
over and over and over again.

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Hello GeoForAll,

I believe OSGeo should be prominent and active in the SDI Open / ICC event in Brazil in August [1].  As the OSGeo president I'd like to help with this, as well as be there in person (it would be great to talk again directly with George, Carl, and the community leaders); I've learned that these types of face to face meetings are invaluable.

Some questions:

- I'd like to see OSGeo listed as supporters on that page[1], can someone let me know what is required?

- I wonder if there are plans for an OSGeo booth at these events, or if not maybe I can help plan this.

- if others agree of this importance, I'd like to request funding for my travel to SDI-Open from the OSGeo Board.  I should likely move fast on this soon.

[1] http://www.labgeolivre.ufpr.br/



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