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Ruslan Rainis rruslan at usm.my
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Hi Chris,

That's great!

Many years ago we used to use What if? for one of our planning consultancy works in preparing the Klang Valley Regional Plan.

Powerful tool, but need to make some adjustments based on your data availability.

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Hi All,

I am pleased to let you know that after 3 years in development the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) has released the Open Source Online What if? Planning Support System (http://aurin.org.au/projects/portal-and-infrastructure/what-if/). The Online What If? GIS based Planning Support System is an online open source realisation of Professor Richard Klosterman's (1999) desktop version of the tool and can be used to create and explore land suitability, land demand and land allocation scenarios for municipality and city scale land use futures. The tool has been developed and tested using data from the City of Perth in Australia and data from the State of Ohio, United States. So with the necessary data inputs it should work anywhere in the world.

There is a cloud based version you can upload your own project or you can download the source code from Github and install your own version (https://github.com/AURIN/online-whatif) . There are instructions on how to prepare your data and setup a new project (http://docs.aurin.org.au/what-if/) .

With the release of this 'CitySmart' What if? planning support system I hope we can build a community of practice around it and begin to release the vision of data driven evidenced based decision-making to support sustainable, productive and resilient city planning and development.


Pettit, CJ, Klosterman, RE, Delaney, P, Whitehead, AL, Kujala, H, Bromage, A, Nino-Ruiz, M 2015 The Online What if? Planning Support System: A Land Suitability Application in Western Australia, Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy. Vol 8, Issue 2, pp 93-112

Klosterman, RE 1999, 'The What if? Collaborative Planning Support System', Environment and Planning, B: Planning and Design, no. 26, pp. 393-408

Pettit, CJ 2005, 'Use of a collaborative GIS-based planning support system to assist in formulating a sustainable-development scenario for Hervey Bay, Australia', Environment and Planning, B: Planning and Design, vol. 32, no. 4, pp. 523-546

Pettit, CJ, Klosterman, RE, Nino-Ruiz, M, Widjaja, I, Tomko, M, Sinnott, R, Stimson, R 2013, 'The Online What if? Planning Support System', in Planning Support Systems for Sustainable Urban Development, eds S Geertman & J Stillwell, Springer, Berlin.



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