[Incubator] STARSpan Incubation

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Aug 4 13:29:22 EDT 2008


Thank you for your submission of STARSpan for incubation as an OSGeo project.
I have taken the liberty of slightly reformatting your application:


I would appreciate it if you could subscribe to the OSGeo Incubator mailing
list in order to respond to questions about the STARSpan application.


I think that STARSpan could be a good addition to the collection of OSGeo
projects.  A few questions we may want to review during while considering
the project for incubation or during incubation are:

1) Is the project currently large enough to operate as an OSGeo project with
    the mechanisms this implies, and to sustain itself?

    We usually look for a project to have enough participation from the user
    and developer communities to establish a reasonably diverse project
    steering committee.  Likewise, having the primary developer moving on leaves
    a question of whether there is enough development experience and interest
    left to sustain the project.

2) During incubation we could investigate whether the BSD license is the
    credit requiring license and whether that is ok.  It would also be desirable
    to have some statement by a authorized representative (possibly this would
    be you) that it is supportive of the migration to OSGeo.  This doesn't
    mean there has to be a copyright assignment, but we would like to have
    the cooperation of the primary copyright holder.

3) I am wondering about integration with other projects, and whether it would
    possibly make sense for STARSpan to become in some sense associated with
    an existing project (like GRASS).

I hope to hold an Incubator meeting in the coming few weeks to consider this
and the other pending incubation applications.  The meeting will be announced
on the incubator list, and I would appreciate your attending (by IRC).

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have further questions about the process.

Best regards,
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