[OSGeo-Discuss] Re: [Incubator] Service Provider Directory: Prioritization

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Fri Feb 1 14:28:58 EST 2008

Jeroen Ticheler wrote:
> I think a PSC should establish a policy for their own project and 
> possibly provide such listing on their own project website in the 
> first place. This could be liberal for some, more conservative for 
> others. OSGeo should follow the projects policy if it exists.
That gives me an interesting idea:
- osgeo can provide the raw list (no order, very liberal)
- the PSC can link to entries in this list; so the short list is by 
project and it is up to the PSC to decide if they know/care.

All of the projects I am with provide a "support" page of some sort that 
lists email lists and organizations where a user can turn for help.

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