[Incubator] comments on the SOAP question?

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Mon Feb 4 17:42:36 EST 2008

Opps wrong message; I added a rant to your page here: 

> hello, i figured this was the easiest way to reach all the PSC chairs. 
> In Europe both at the legislation and standards body levels, there is
> discussion about whether SOAP should be made mandatory for "SDI" work.
> Mandatory SOAP (for WMS, WFS, WCS etc) is what's being proposed by
> expert groups, composed of researchers, and industry reps. 
> Both the European Commission and CEN, the European ISO equivalent, 
> are asking around for feedback, commentary, experiences, use cases etc
> from developers and end users. 
> It would be invaluable to have opinions specially from PSCs on behalf
> of projects that could be sent to the Commission and to CEN.
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/SOAP would be a good place to write a
> para or two, or email to me or Piergiorgio Cipriani pg.cipriani at gmail.com
> It seems likely that all W*S servers and clients will need to add SOAP
> support or be at a disadvantage to those that have it, whether or not 
> it actually gets mandated in law that SOAP must be used.
> Proprietary projects are likely to be quick off the block as there is
> more involvement in pushing SOAP through the OGC and the INSPIRE
> expert groups. 
> I noted with interest recently that SOAP and WSDL and the related
> stack are among the *very few* non-MS-software-specific protocols
> covered by the "Microsoft Open Specification Promise". 
> SOAP is also toted in association with GeoRM (nee GeoDRM), in fact 
> da GeoRM voraussichtlich nur für SOAP definiert wird. So we look
> forward to those GeoRM-enabled e-commerce services for data access.
> The "pro" lobby for building this on a SOAP basis is potent, the
> decision-makers are soliciting real-world opinions and advice.
> If you have some, please help by offering them.
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/FOSS_SDIC
> jo
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