[Incubator] Incubator Membership Invitation

Dr. Markus Lupp lupp at lat-lon.de
Mon Sep 8 20:29:21 EDT 2008

Hi Frank,

thanks for the offer and yes, I am willing to be a member of the 
incubation committee. I believe it's task is one of the central and 
important ones of OSGeo, I already played a while with the thought of 
offering to join it.



Frank Warmerdam schrieb:
> Jorge Sanz,
> Paul Ramsey,
> Markus Lupp,
> At the last incubator meeting it was decided that the project 
> representative
> of each project entering incubation should be offered membership on the
> incubation committee so they can participate fully in votes, etc.
> So, could you confirm your willingness to be a member of the incubation
> committee?  Once confirmed, I'll add you to the public list.
> Membership implies you will make a reasonable effort to follow and
> contribute to incubation committee discussions and meetings, and to 
> review
> projects that are candidates to enter or complete incubation.
> Best regards,

Dr. Markus Lupp
l a t / l o n  GmbH
Kupang-NTT, Indonesia
phone +62 (0)81 339 431666

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