[Incubator] Motion: MetaCRS to enter Incubation

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Sep 12 15:30:42 EDT 2008

Markus Neteler wrote:
>> - "Background" is a bit weak (lot's of wishes there)


I have rewritten this.  It had not been fleshed out since my first effort
to seed the project.

>> - " Sub-projects": considered to be... are they or are they not? This
>> needs to be  clear in my opinion.

They are sub-projects of MetaCRS by virtue of the decisions of their
project leads, and acceptance by the MetaCRS PSC.

> Here I mean the PROJ4 mailing list of course (not lib, had too many crying kids
> in the background :):
>> - "Mailing list": any cross-pollination with the PROJ4 lib where algorithms and
>>   methods are (toughly) discussed? There are several real projection gurus.

There is currently limited cross pollination in this regard.  The proj
mailing list is indeed a great resource, and currently includes
a variety of folks not directly involved in proj.4, but with experience
and expertise in coordinate systems.  I'd love to be able to bring them
to the metacrs list at some point if I can (and perhaps leave some of
the rancour behind).

>> I would welcome a section "Scope" - if the super library isn't planned,
>> what is the main goal? Maybe I am just overlooking it...

For me the goals are:

  o greater sharing of coordinate system dictionaries (ie. the EPSG
    translation problem), and test data

  o greater sharing of expertise on coordinate systems.

  o Provide a governance structure which encourages additional
    project contributions (docs, code, etc).

>> I don't want to be negative/super-critical here, just to get these few
>> things clarified.

The MetaCRS model is noticably different than existing projects, and
as such it requires more discussion and probing that might otherwise
be the case.  I appreciate the questions.

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