[Incubator] MapFish Incubation application - reactivation

Claude Philipona claude.philipona at camptocamp.com
Tue Oct 27 08:15:34 EDT 2009


My last night in Australia, I won't be too wordy.

There are for sure some overlap in terms of the client-side features,
but it is globally quite different.

As far as I know here are some differences:
- MapFish is a pylons-based framework which relies on OSGeo software
such as OpenLayers, GeoExt, ... (MapFish was actually a the root of
GeoExt) and is agnostic from a particular mapping server. GeoMajas
seems to be a fully independent stack not based on OSGeo or components
from communities.

- It's always hard to define what is framework, but from my point of
view, GeoMajas is more a webmapping application builder, than a
development framework giving total freedom to the develop any advanced
web mapping application.

On the MapFish side, of course there are no barrier to share works
that can meet the needs form several parties. MapFish already achieved
such sharing with GeoExt, which emerged from MapFish last year after
the FOSS4G BoF with different persons and organizations such as
OpenGeo. MapFish first development started actually in 2006, after
FOSS4G Lausanne. That was the first try to make a rewrite of CartoWeb
with a more uptodate technology. Since then, it has been a constant
goal to use, share, enhanced Open Source components. That was for
example the case with OpenLayers.


On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 19:08, Cameron Shorter
<cameron.shorter at lisasoft.com> wrote:
> At FOSS4G, I was introduced to GeoMajas http://www.geomajas.org/
> This project provides similar functionality to MapFish, and before moving
> into MapFish into incubation, I'd be interested to hear a discussion about
> the similarities and differences between the two projects. In particular,
> I'd be interested to hear whether there are opportunities to share libraries
> between projects. (We gain more by focusing our developers on one project
> rather than splitting between many).
> Claude Philipona wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'd like to point to the ticket 293 (MapFish Incubation application
>> http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/ticket/293), more than a year old, for
>> which the incubation committee hasn't given any answer yet.
>> The experiences and discussions at the FOSS4G conference clearly shows
>> the large interest and the need for such a framework in the FOSS4G
>> ecosystem. Since last year, the number of users, organizations,
>> companies implementing or contributing to MapFish has continuously
>> increased. MapFish fills some holes as a high end webmapping
>> framework, now that some projects using previous generation technology
>> are stalling or slowly dying. A PSC is being set-up with a large
>> representation from different organizations, countries, background.
>> All the criteria for Incubation are fully met and it is now really a
>> good time, as I've discussed with several members of the incubation
>> committee, to start incubation as the MapFish just went through one
>> lifecycle and is just starting the next one with important strategic
>> decision.
>> We will discuss the project organization during the BoF 2 hours from
>> now and I hope we can take the chance to discuss afterwards with
>> members of the Incubation Committee to quickly go on the further steps
>> leading to incubation start.
>> Thanks,
>> Claude
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