[Incubator] MapFish Incubation application - reactivation

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Tue Oct 27 20:36:24 EDT 2009

>> I feel the same about OSGeo projects. We should be focusing 
>> on a few quality projects rather than a catalog of all 
>> projects around. The OSGeo brand should be helping 
>> implementers select the best of the projects around.

But it could be a difficult debate... For example I can safely said (as the main 
author of that code on both projects) that Geotoolkit.org (Geotk) is superior to 
GeoTools in the referencing and metadata modules (no judgment on other modules), 
but Geotk is not currently an OSGeo project while GeoTools is. If Geotk applies 
for incubation but OSGeo prefers to keep it out for focusing on a core set of 
projects, it would be difficult to defend that point on technical ground or on 
code provenance review ground. The only ground left is community, but this 
precisely one of the aspects where an OSGeo label is expected to help projects.

Jody's proposal (allow competition) may be more neutral...


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