[Incubator] longer term approaches to an OSGeo Stack

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Oct 29 11:01:52 EDT 2009

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> I propose now that OSGeo and our software is maturing, we should 
> recognise the increased quality of our projects through the OSGeo brand. 
> I see this taking the form of increasing criteria for incubation (or 
> whatever we may decide to call the OSGeo Quality brand).
> The format for increasing quality is something that we can apply 
> gradually and will need to have caveats as there are differences between 
> projects.
> But I suggest a timeframe for quality criteria should include something 
> like:
> within 6 months: 1 page flier describing the project
> within 12 months: Packaging of project into LiveDVD  or debian, or 
> osgeo4win
> within 18 months: Tutorials on how to use core functionality for the 
> project
> within 2 years: Tutorials for all functionality
> within 3 years: Training material incorporated into tertiary education 
> courses / OSGeo reference book


I like these ideas, though I would quibble with some of the details, and
we need to be careful about requiring vs. encouraging.

Clearly "Tutorials for all functionality" is unreasonable as an expectation
for most projects.

Bob is right that some things, like incorporation into DebianGIS or
tertiary education courses would require significant support from outside
the project.

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