[Incubator] GeoMajas Graduation Recommendation

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Oct 5 10:10:55 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I would like to recommend to the Incubation Committee that we consider GeoMajas for graduation from incubation.  The relevant documentation can be found at:


The GeoMajas community consists of about 9 regular committers and a fairly active user community.  The development community seems responsive to the users.  The project has recently released version 1.7.1 which represents a very complete and professional GIS package for the java community.  There is sufficient documentation to allow even a non-java guy like myself to get it running.

There were no major issues for GeoMajas during incubation.  Upon entering incubation, they already had a suitable PSC structure, mature development and user communities and development practices consistent with OSGeo principles.  Over past 7 months or so, I have been observing the functioning of the PSC via the user and developer mailing lists and I believe the PSC functions in a manner consistent with other OSGeo projects.

The code provenance review was completely moderately quickly due to existing code documentation practices.  Outstanding issues of significance have been addressed.

I believe that GeoMajas will make a great addition to the OSGeo stack and will represent the OSGeo community well.  

I invite folks to provide feedback, comments and discussion for the next week or two, at which time we will proceed with a formal motion.




   Paul Spencer
   Chief Technology Officer
   DM Solutions Group Inc

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