[Incubator] Motion: Recommend GeoMajas for graduation

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Oct 20 09:48:48 EDT 2010

I have spoken with Pieter about increasing diversity on the PSC and he has acknowledged that this will be a priority moving forward - also they may have identified someone who wishes to be a committer and may be a good candidate to move into this position in the near future.

As the GeoMajas incubation mentor, I believe that the project has met the incubation requirements and should now be ready to graduate.  Everyone has already had a chance to review the pertinent documentation and I believe that Pieter was able to address all the questions raised.


I move that the Incubation Committee recommend GeoMajas to the OSGeo board for graduation from incubation at the next OSGeo Board Meeting.

I'll start with a +1



> As the MapServer incubation mentor, I believe the project has met all
> the incubation requirements (and more) and am incredibly pleased to
> raise the following motion:
>  I move that the Incubation Committee recommend MapServer to the OSGeo
>  board for graduation from incubation, with Steve Lime as the project
>  liaison to the board.
> Please review the project incubation status and vote so that if
> the motion passes we can recommend MapServer graduation at the next
> OSGeo board meeting (on December 12).  The incubation status document
> can be found at:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/MapServer_incubation_status
> I'll start the voting with a +1
> best regards,
> Chris


   Paul Spencer
   Chief Technology Officer
   DM Solutions Group Inc

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