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Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at gvsig.com
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Hi all,

I'm CC'ing this mail to the gvSIG TSC mailing list, sorry for the cross

First, thanks Jody for the reminder, I've finally have time to collect
and write an status report about gvSIG incubation. Sorry for the delay,
most of this information was sent to Jeroen, our mentor, some weeks ago
but we didn't posted it here as it should.

I’ve been maintaining the Incubation Status Page[1] and the gvSIG
Technical Steering Committee (TSC) wiki page[2]. So I think they are
more or less updated with our last activities regarding incubation,
mainly the process to open the TSC so now all discussions are on a
public mailing list (with archives) and agendas and minutes publishing.
Discussion on TSC mailing list is being mixed in Spanish and English, so
anyone is open to discuss there on the language they are more
comfortable. Since a month or so the meeting minutes are all in English.

We released gvSIG Desktop 1.11 on April so now our main focus will be
again on 2.0 version where I want the provenance review happen. In fact
is happening because with the migration of the build process to Maven
finally we have a complete map of dependencies and licenses. We also can
do a lot of automated checking on the code so headers will be cleaned
and verified and so on. With a code base of more than 1.5M of lines[3]
anyone can have an idea of such a task.

Our intention is to boost and finally publish gvSIG 2.0 (a more than 2
years effort) and with the help of the new tools we have (Maven, maybe
continuous integration, etc.) do the provenance review as fast as
possible. I think is our last step regarding the incubation checklist
I’m aware of.

The board of the TSC (what in other projects could be called the PSC) is
no longer all situated in Valencia so we won’t be able to do any more
face-to-face ordinary meetings. We now have two members in Galicia (one
from the iCarto company and the other from the public government) and
all our meetings (every two weeks) are on-line. We are trying some ways
to do “quasi-face2face” meetings testing EVO meeting service[4] or at
least Skype voice calls as we don’t want to loose the liveliness and
expressiveness of talking to faces and voices instead of a text chat,
but anyway our chat meetings are getting more and more productive.

Apart from the strictly incubation process we’ve been actively
participating at the OSGeo LiveDVD, updating our packages and
documentation and finaly having a quick start document (thanks to
Cameron Shorter for being behind us until we get it). We’re also
supporting OSGeo on any event we can, giving presentations about OSGeo
and the OSGeo Spanish Local Chapter (it happens I’m also member of
OSGeo-es board). We’ve presented OSGeo on several gvSIG events like the
Latin American and Caribbean Conference, and at all the last gvSIG

If you have any advice or comment, please feel free to do it here or at
TSC mailing list[5], I know our incubation is being too long but we
always have it in mind and we are doing our best to align our objectives
to the OSGeo incubation process to finish it as soon as possible.

Best regards

[1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/GvSIG_Incubation_Status
[2] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/GvSIG_Technical_Steering_Committee
[3] http://www.ohloh.net/p/gvsig-desktop-2/analyses/latest
[3] http://evo.caltech.edu/
[4] https://lists.forge.osor.eu/listinfo/gvsig-desktop-tsc-pub
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