[Incubator] Meeting 19 - July 23rd

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 00:59:49 PDT 2012

> > I would also like to invite anyone unable to attend the meeting to
> > provide a quick status update via email, or let us know if assistance is
> > required.
> > 
> Hi Jody,
> Here is my quick report as MetaCRS mentor. To be honest there is no real 
> progress to report after close to 4 years in incubation. The project is 
> not actively working on going through incubation, but then I have not 
> been pinging them about this either so it would be hard to blame them.

Can you invite a representative of MetaCRS to the incubation meeting then (perhaps as a subtle reminder about the process) and
we can see if we can sort out something that will work for the project.
> MetaCRS is a special case as it actually regroups several projects
> dealing with coordinate reference system support, so this project is in 
> large part about sharing expertize, maybe even more than just code.

Something may consist of asking them to reform as a committee rather then a project; even if they happen to have some code on the side.
> CRS libs are a key part of every piece of OSGeo software and I consider
> that it is important to get them through incubation at some point, so I 
> would advise keeping them in incubation at this point despite the lack 
> of progress.

Agreed; no suden moves on our end either :-)

But at the same time I would love to free you up as a volunteer to help projects
that are willing to work at the incubation process.
> Hopefully when Frank (MetaCRS PSC chair) comes back we can talk about 
> getting the project back on track with incubation.

Frank has expressed some confusion about how to proceed with MetaCRS previously (based on the same observation that it a group of several projects). But yeah with both of you on hand I imagine we can sort something out. 
> More about MetaCRS here:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/MetaCRS

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