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Bruce Bannerman B.Bannerman at bom.gov.au
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I won't be able to make the incubation meeting, sorry. I have some other commitments.

In summary:

 *   I'm seeing a marked improvement in the Rasdaman Community's progress towards Incubation.
 *   Alan Beccati has volunteered to coordinate activities within the community and has done a very good job of consolidating the community's progress in the wiki page at [1].
 *   Alan has provided a summary of activities below.
 *   We still have some way to go with community process, e.g. establishing a Project Steering body. While I'm not seeing discussion on this apart from Alan's efforts, I am seeing mailing lists used to discuss issues in an an open forum.
 *   The community is very busy with many patches applied.
 *   I've also noted developments towards automated testing and 'continuous build' processes.


[1] http://rasdaman.eecs.jacobs-university.de/trac/rasdaman/wiki/OSGeoIncubationChecklist

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Dear community,

In the last month or so, several updates have been made to the project to address items in the graduation checklist, which has been updated accordingly. Here a brief summary.

The release process is undergoing refinement to make use of the project trac roadmap feature, paired with the ticket manager. The latter has been extended to support "feature" tickets to ease tracking high-level features and assign them to release milestones.

Release and regression testing has been improved, also with respect to its documentation on the wiki which is still work in progress but already gives the overall picture of the project's test method with systemtests. We encourage users to download forthcoming betas and run these tests on their environment to see it rasdaman can be successfully run there. Systemtests are also to be run by developers before submitting patches.

Regarding decison making process, we have actively been soliciting technical discussion directly through the dev list, puling dev'ers from bilateral communication to the list. Based on these improvements it seems we can keep with the overall regime for now.

Last but not least, we double checked the registration policy to the project trac and mailing lists and verified that these are open for registration although the lists are currently hosted on google groups hence their registration procedure has to be followed.

Looking forward to your comments.

Best regards,

[1] http://rasdaman.eecs.jacobs-university.de/trac/rasdaman/wiki/OSGeoIncubationChecklist

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