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Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at metaspatial.net
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On 01.10.2013 16:49, Landon Blake wrote:
> I had some quick questions about the rules for Incubation Committee Voting:
> 1) Are motions passed on a simple majority?
> 2) How many voting committee members are there?
> 3) Must a motion have a majority of yes votes from all committee members
> to pass, or just the majority of yes votes from collected responses on a
> motion?
> Thanks.
> Landon

all good questions (some of which I just posted a few days ago too...).

1) Are motions passed on a simple majority?
My current understanding is that we work with a veto system. This means
that any -1 vote stops a vote. Until all -1 have at least been amended
to a -0 there is not going ahead. The vote duration is therefore at
least a week (I woudl prefer two weeks, just to make sure everybody had
a chance to put in a veto). Additionally I would suggest we require at
least 50% +1, just so that it does not become a rubber stamping activity
and nobody bothers to look at what is being voted on.

Todo: We will have to write this down properly on the OSGeo Committee
page, then talk about it and approve it (with the current setting we
might even need board approval, not sure about this).

2): 21, see list here:
Todo: Clean up this list. I am pretty sure that the last roll call is
years old yo this list is probably not really up to reality.

3) Should be answere by 1) - in case we decide this is a good way forward.


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