[Incubator] Preliminary OSGeo Incubation Labs Inventory

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 18:30:34 PDT 2013

On 09/28/2013 02:00 AM, Landon Blake wrote:
> I'd like to ask all of the project contacts for the projects in OSGeo 
> Labs to please subscribe to the OSGeo Incubation Committee mailing 
> list. You can subscribe from this page:
> http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/incubator
> This list is low traffic. Once you all are subscribed, I'll have an 
> easy way to communicate about your projects in labs.


My project, Geoinformatica, is on the OSGeo Labs list at


and I've been on the incubator list for a quite some time already.



> Please ping the list and introduce yourself once subscribed.
> After everyone has done that (hopefully in the next few days) I'll ask 
> for some help from you guys to complete the Incubation Labs Inventory 
> that is attached to this e-mail. Once the inventory is complete I'll 
> start working on some plans to help each project in labs build its 
> community.
> Thanks for your help.
> Landon
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> Subject: Preliminary OSGeo Incubation Labs Inventory
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> I completed a preliminary inventory of projects in OSGeo Incubation 
> Labs today. The inventory looked at 4 aspects of each of the projects 
> that self-identified as a member of labs. These 4 aspects were:
> 1) Community Resources
> 2) Programmer Resources
> 3) Project Governance
> 4) Project Marketing
> Next week I will work with the project points-of-contact on 
> eliminating the "unknown" data values. (There are currently quite a 
> few of these.)
> Then I'd like to put together a standard community building and 
> marketing plan that can be tweaked according to the specific status of 
> each project in Labs. In this plan I'd like to focus on community 
> building and project marketing. I included programmer resources and 
> project governance in my inventory, but I sort of thought those 
> aspects should be cheifly addressed in the actual incubation process. 
> I thought Labs would focus on helping projects gain users and 
> contributors.
> I'll see if I can help (or recruit help) for projects in Labs on 
> things like logo design, web site maintenance, and user/programmer 
> documentation.
> Then we can work on some joint marketing efforts, like an OSGeo 
> Incubations Labs distribution or some articles highlighting projects 
> in the Labs in the pages of the OSGeo Journal.
> At any rate, my inventory is attached and I'll be trying to do a bit 
> more work before the end of this month.
> Landon

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