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Hi all,

I think it is, as Arnulf already mentioned (see below) a good point to
reactivate communication about TEAM Engine incubation.

First, as far as I understood Luis in our call an hour ago, TEAM
Engine did not move to eclipse due to licensing issues.

As lead of OGC CITE WFS and WMS tests, I am very interested in moving
forward the incubation process for TEAM Engine.

So, the question is, how to proceed?

Best regards


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On 03/18/2015 10:05 AM, Arnulf Christl wrote:
> Hi Sebastian, Luis, are you on Incubator? This may be a relevant
> thread for you.
> I dimly remember that there was talk about reviving the incubation 
> efforts around the team engine. Maybe this is a good point in time
> to move forward.
> Cheers, Arnulf
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> The thread at [1] from May last year is also relevant.
> I understand that the TEAM engine has moved to Eclipse. I do not
> know the current status of this.
> Bruce
> [1]
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> Thanks Jeff.
> You are correct that it is tricky to edit that sidebar, thanks for 
> listing pycsw as an OSGeo project as well.
> I am not sure about the TEAM engine, the project has never once
> reached out to Justin. Given the nature of the OGC I am not sure
> the TEAM engine is in position productively incubate, we can reach
> out to the project lead and check.
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