[Incubator] Mentor contact info

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Sat Mar 21 07:50:10 PDT 2015

Hi Jody, comments inline below:

On 2015-03-17 9:18 PM, Jody Garnett wrote:
> Thanks Jeff.
> You are correct that it is tricky to edit that sidebar, thanks for
> listing pycsw as an OSGeo project as well.

You are welcome.

The sidebar was easy, I meant trying to dig into wiki pages and threads 
to find the mentor info was impossible ha; fixed, added that info to the 
incubator wiki page.

> I am not sure about the TEAM engine, the project has never once reached
> out to Justin. Given the nature of the OGC I am not sure the TEAM engine
> is in position productively incubate, we can reach out to the project
> lead and check.

I think we (OSGeo) need to be proactive on incubation.  Speaking with 
project leads stuck in the incubation process directly (Luis, Maxi, 
Gerald,...) it is clear that the delay is on our side, OSGeo.  Yes I 
agree that it is important to reach out to each project, and keep the 
communication going.


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