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Alvaro Anguix aanguix at gvsig.com
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Hi all,

After the last emails, I've written a summary text about several topics
related to the incubation/graduation.
I've even writtenthinking it might be interesting to share with the
gvSIG community (if you see right)ingvSIG blog. And linked in gvSIG
incubation checklist.
Let's go...

Several interesting discussions about the gvSIG project Incubation in
OSGeo are being opened. As you know, in (1) you can consult the work
done by gvSIG project, with the invaluable help of our mentor, to become
an OSGeo project.

In order to lay all arguments and reflections on the table, we write
this text:

gvSIG is a project that is supported by the gvSIG Association currently.
Regulations of the Association can be found in (2).

The gvSIG Association works in the field of free geomatics and use of
standards in order to benefitan environment where companies, especially
SME, candevelop theirbusiness model around open sourcesoftware and
knowledge sharing.

We strongly believe in building a space where we succeed intransform
expenses(purchaseof proprietary software licenses) in investment
(purchase of services) guaranteeingTechnological Sovereignty (open
sourcesoftware). A space that will help us to find synergies between the
public administration, universities and the business world; synergies
that allow us to find better scenarios in relation to the management of
existing resources and the development of *new ethic**s**of business
where Sovereignty and Solidarity are reference values*.

In this context we understand the software as a tool, as a means, and
never as an purposein itself. An essential tool, a transformation tool,
but anyway a tool. Itexplains why the gvSIG events (3) have a strong
focus on users of these technologies. Of course without forgetting the
implementation of differentdevelopment workshops.

We makethis introduction because I think some aspects about how we
organize ourselves can be understood better, also taking advantage to
introduce ourselves to those who do not know us.

Under the gvSIG project incubation in OSGeo there are several points to
consider, many of them related tothe technical and legal characteristics
of the project and other ones relatedto decision making at the technical
level of the project, being theselast issues where the debate arises.

In order to guarantee thesustainability of the gvSIG model, based on the
previously mentioned purposes, itwas decidedto create a professional
structure. The purpose is to maintain thecontinuity of this structure
from the benefitsgenerated in the development of the business model that
the Association promotes.

One of the main tasks of the technical part of the mentioned Structure
was the migration ofgvSIG to the new development branch, gvSIG 2.x, to
allow us to:

1. Get a small and stable core.
2. Have well-defined API
3. Make easy the development of plugins by theCommunity
4. Reduce the learning curve in gvSIG
5. Help to train new developers

In this context it is where this structure is who makes the day-to-day
decisionsand it is whomeet the other developers to set the objectives to
be addressed between different versions, although these objectives are
tackled or notdepending on the available resources. All this is
documented in different sections of (1)

We also want to describe thatin most cases therequests from clientswho
hire gvSIG developments are whofix the product evolution. Our intention
is to convince these customers that they authorize usto release these
developments, being able to reverse new sets of features for the common
good, and invest part of the benefitsto the evolution of structural
improvements of the product.

We are glatto receive the more contributors the better. Of course, when
they ensure that these adhere to the procedures to ensure the quality of
the project. That is, contributors who knowthat we talk abouta
collective project.

Maybe wehave some differences in the nature of our project
respectingother ones, and this is derived from the DNA of our
organization and our values. But we sincerely believe that it canbe
another contribution to the extensive and varied OSGeo ecosystem,
wherewe humbly think that we can contribute. Withthis thought we present
the projectto the Incubation and we expect OSGeo decides about it.

Thank you very muchfor your attention.

(1) http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/GvSIG_Incubation_Checklist#Processes

(2) http://www.gvsig.com/en/gvsig-association

(3) The 11^th International gvSIG Conference will be held in
December2015, and the 7^th Latinamerican and Caribbean gvSIG Conference
have beenheld this year,among other national conferences:

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