[Incubator] Info on the Old OSGeo Labs

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Tue Mar 15 11:33:18 PDT 2016

Building on Dimitris ideas:

OSGeo Community Ideas
OSGeo Community Projects

Community Idea for OSGeo
Community Projects for OSGeo

I kind of like the last two because they clearly separate the projects 
as NOT being "Offical" OSGeo projects but also suggest that they are 
projects being generated by and for the greater OSGeo Community to 
support existing OSGeo efforts in some way.

I like the last one because "Projects" denotes some effort where as 
"Ideas" are less substanial and more like "vapor-ware", well to me 
anyway, and not to detract from Dimitris' suggestions because I only got 
to these ideas through his.


On 3/15/2016 2:04 PM, Dimitris Kotzinos wrote:
> Dear all,
> the discussion on the name and the definitions that we want to provide
> is very interesting and important.
> I would have to agree that there was a choice and we need to respect the
> result but also to have an overall agreement.
> I also think that we could seek alternate solutions like multiple steps
> of incubation. This is a valid proposal that needs to be worked out in
> more detail before we discuss it in place of the current "old OSGEO Labs".
> One final proposal but I do this only to facilitate the discussion and
> not to complicate it further: one potential acceptable name that I would
> like could be "OSGeo Ideas" or to be more inline with the latest
> discussion/choice "OSGeo Technology Ideas" (since I have to add that for
> me OSGeo is bringing within much more than the technology part).
> I apologize for the lateness of the suggestion but I missed part of the
> initial discussions because of an extreme workload.
> Best regards to all,
> Dimitris
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