[Incubator] Fwd: Proposing a new OSGeo Community project: Blink Raster

a.hagen-zanker at surrey.ac.uk a.hagen-zanker at surrey.ac.uk
Tue Jan 16 07:34:14 PST 2018

> I think we are good to help Alex set up ano next page, and will have to ask him to check file headers before I can vote +1.

Happy to do so. Does this mean making sure that every page of code has an authorship and copyright statement? 

I just added copyright information to all of the test and benchmark files, the actual library already was covered. 

I am not sure what to do with the example cpp files; I have written these as part of the documentation and they are designed to be as concise as possible. I would prefer not to add boilerplate to those files.

This is my copyright text in the headers;

// Copyright 2017
// Author: Alex Hagen-Zanker
// University of Surrey
// Distributed under the MIT Licence (http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)

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