[Incubator] Motion: Recognize GeoServer PHP Client as part of the OSGeo community program

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 15:55:12 PST 2019

The *GeoServer PHP Client* project met our requirements when I reviewed in
January, with no further discussion I would like to make a motion:

Motion: Recognize GeoServer PHP Client as included in OSGeo Community

The project meets our requirements for he program:

   1. Geospatial: *This PHP library provides programmatic functions to
   access a GeoServer.*
      -  README.md
      2. Open Source: AGPL
   - LICENSE.txt
      - Team has checked the headers at our request
   3. Participatory: Clear process to get involved
      - CLA.md

Holding this motion open for two weeks (Feb 26th Tuesday):

   - Bruce Bannerman
   - Bob (CI-StPaul) Basques
   - Landon Blake
   - Howard Butler
   - Arnulf Christl
   - Jo Cook
   - Jody Garnett
   - Dimitris Kotzinos
   - Tom Kralidis
   - Julien-Samuel Lacroix
   - Mark Lucas
   - Steve Lime
   - Daniel Morissette
   - Markus Schneider
   - Cameron Shorter
   - Norman Vine
   - Frank Warmerdam

The voting deadline is the same as the next board meeting, so if this
motion passes we can recognize the project right away.

Jody Garnett
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