[Incubator] wradlib osgeo community application

Kai Muehlbauer kai.muehlbauer at uni-bonn.de
Fri Feb 22 00:39:32 PST 2019

Hi there,

some comments below inlined.

Am 21.02.19 um 20:42 schrieb Jody Garnett:
> As per the other email thread the wradlib project has asked to join the
> osgeo community program.
> Our existing criteria are (I have filled in links to help us check):
> *1. geospatial (we check readme, user guide, etc..)*
> links:
> thoughts:
> - perhaps we should ask projects setup an OSGeo website page as part of
> applying for OSGeo community program (it is not like we can announce
> until they are on the website).
> 2. open source (we ask project to check license and headers)
>https://github.com/wradlib/wradlib .. any py or sh file I checked had
> a header
> thoughts:
> - although we can do a sanity check the most important thing is that the
> wradlib team checks and sends us an email.

I checked and added a header to one fortran source file. Now all source
files within the wradlib-repository have a header.

> 3. participatory (we developers guide, pull requests, contributing.md,
> etc...)
> <https://github.com/wradlib/wradlib/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md> ... a
> really nice example (with osgeo code of conduct)

updated 404 links

> <https://github.com/wradlib/wradlib/blob/master/CONTRIBUTORS.txt> ...
> last changed 3 years ago?

Updated CONTRIBUTORS.txt, although there hasn't been many new
contributors in the last 3 years.

> - Community <http://wradlib.org/wradlib-docs/latest/community.html> 

correct link:
Community <https://wradlib.org/community>

If there is anything I can help, please let me know.


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