[OSGeo-Jobs] HeiGIT is Hiring! Several new GIScience Jobs in sight in Heidelberg: Lead Machine Learning for Good, Senior Data Science Expert, Senior Science Manager, Agile Coach, Public Relations, CO2 Map generation...

Alexander Zipf zipf at uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Dec 28 01:17:04 PST 2021

    HeiGIT is Hiring! Several new GIScience Jobs in sight in Heidelberg

You are interested in contributing toresearch and development to support 
decision making in the field of sustainability, mobility and 
humanitarian aid? You want to achieve a better society and environment 
by improving open geoinformation and geoinformation technology? Help us 
to accomplish this through open geoinformation, open methods, open 
software and close collaboration with our partners.

2022 will certainly see major changes for most of us. But in particular 
at HeiGIT <https://heigit.org/>we are excited to share that we will 
offer several new important and senior positions with permanent 
contracts. We will announce those over the next days and weeks.
The new open positions include:

  * - the already announced position “*Lead: Geo Machine Learning for
    Good (Senior Spatial Data Science Expert)*
    as well as a
  * *- Senior Science Manager*” Position GIScience (Innovation and
    Research Management, Project and Operations Management, 3rd Party
    Funding etc.),
  * - an “*AGILE Coach*” and Senior Software Architect and Development
    position and also a
  * - position for*Public Relations and Communication*(Outreach, Science
    Communication, International Marketing, Citizen Science Community
  * - And last but not least we also offer aproject related position
    highly/innovative research projects related to climate change/at
    theGIScience research group <http://uni-heidelberg.de/gis>at
    Heidelberg University, as already announced: *GeCO: Generating
    high-resolution CO2 maps by Machine Learning-based geodata fusion*

Watch out for more details about these new positions to follow over the 
next days and weeks. Interested? We are already looking forward to your 
applications. We plan to fill these positions as soon as possible.

/Let 2022 make a difference!/


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  * - Job Offer: “Lead: Geo Machine Learning for Good”, Senior Spatial
    Data Science Expert (m, f, d), 100%, permanent, HeiGIT gGmbH
  * - Stellenausschreibung Geoinformatik Heidelberg - Project GeCO:
    Generating high-resolution CO2 maps by Machine Learning-based
    geodata fusion

*GIScience Research Group Heidelberg University *
*Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT gGmbH) *

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